Welcome to my shop where you can get limited edition prints, one-off pieces and small editions of cast work all based on my own drawing practice. 


I design and edition all my own prints, which is why they usually come in small batches. But if you buy something from me, I've actually printed it.  I also sell occasional giclee prints of digital work or particularly popular analogue prints.


Other than this store I only sell my work at occasional exhibitions and fairs. So this is the only place you can buy a small selection of my items online. As this is my own shop, I can keep prices reasonable because I don't need to pay 30-50% to a service provider. This also means that I don't do sales, but keep the prices the same all year round. 


If you have seen an item at a show that you can't find here, or would like to commission something, please send me and email. Thank you for visiting.

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