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Humans and Aliens

Humans and Aliens


Humans and Aliens is a short essay in a booklet about 20th Century TV sci- fi and being from a mixed heritage. It is something more personal and anecdotal than I have writen before, and probably will do again, which was inspired by thinking of all the sci-fi  I used to watch with my late father growing up in the '70s and '80s. 


It started because I was trying to work out what was behind a range of retro sci-fi prints and drawings I had been working on for a few years and the booklet is decorated with parts of these. The finished prints have been a mix of screen prints and digital drawings and editions sometimes become available in my shop. 


  • This booklet is made in a zine-style for a real 1980s feel and for a limited time, it comes with a pull out A3 poster that contains two AI generated versions of the essay.  


Size is A5 with 16 pages


If you would like to stock this booklet zine in your store, please send an email for wholesale prices. 

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