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PUDDING PRESS LTD is an independent micro publishing company that I originally set up so that I could develop my own work in a collaborative and independent way inspired by fine art and film rather than traditional publishing. It allows me to work with editors, publishing formats, creative design as well as researching new business models. We sometimes publish other people's work too now. 

I knew it wasn't a way to get instant sales or paperbacks at the airport but as over time a few more people have read the work. A micro company such as this also allows me to experiment with different funding models for projects, in an attempt to gather some information about whether independent arts practitioners can find ways to support themselves outside of current routes that many find confusing to navigate. 

First book was Murder in Marrakech and Other Stories. Available as a paperback and hardback, through the Pudding Press online shop, book shops, stalls and also BLURB . You can also get it in Kindle and iBook format at the relevant stores.

Please consider buying a book and supporting independent arts projects.

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