Impact Printmaking Autumn 2020 -  Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE. ​ 

Write-up of Spaghetti Intaglio show and findings about DIY  / non-professional printmaking equipment used to make fine-art prints. 

It's The Economy, Stupid... 


In 2018 I started a blog with the Artists Information Company (AN), which focuses on how as artists we can learn to build a sustainable and economically feasible practice in today's world. Against the precariarity of the gig economy and the expense of living in modern cities, there are also the opportunities that the digital and new economic thinking offer us to stand on our own two feet. By 2020 I wanted to continue this on an independent platform. I love AN, so the decision was much more to do with UX and functionality in a blog platform. On the other hand, I work as an illustrator and even though non-members can read the AN blog, I am aware that this feels a very fine-art oriented platform. For me, the creative industries have always been one big melting pot, so I wanted to reach a broader audience. If you want to get involved in the conversation or to participate in this discussion, please see Is The Economy Stupid?

Designs in eLearning 2015 Culture, Technology, Practice  - But I thought they gave you a new iMac at art college...? 

The impact  of current trends in digital technology within education settings on studying.