Color Mixing Course in a Box!

What is It? 

I have written this course from over 20 years of experience since I studied formal painting and drawing techniques.  It's the kind of course that I always wanted to teach in the classroom because it gives you an amazing foundation to be able to complete your work confidently, getting the exact results you want. You will also never waste time or money mixing things that don't work out, and you will be able to make a vast palette from just owning a couple of the right colours. 

Working with courses in universities, colleges and print studios I met printers, graphic designers, illustrators and painters who would all have benefitted from having a more solid foundation to colour mixing.  

The reason I didn't teach this within institutions is that this course needs time for practice as well as decent materials, and this was something that we had in UK education decades ago, but it's much harder to arrange now. 

In the end I have written this course over the last 6 years, which is designed to do at your own pace, and to fit in with other things you have going on in life. As well as containing a wealth of technical information, you will be able to learn through practical exercises, and unlike many other online courses there's a live end of course personal tutorial available instead of pre-recorded video content. 

What do I Get ?
Course in a box contains all materials you need to complete all the work, with nothing to provide yourself. All are hand-chosen premium quality materials, worth about £100.00.  This includes paints, inks, and tools. 

Contains between around 6 weeks to 3 months work to complete the course, depending on how much time you have to devote to it. Although you can choose however long suits you. 

Information relevant to painting, printmaking and design.
Online tutorial in person and printed attendance certificate on completion.


Tips for booking:
Due to the online tutorials, access to these courses might be limited. Check back if there's nothing available below or email me and ask to be added to my waiting list. 

As this course deals with colour pigments, you might enjoy using daylight for the exercises. Anyone booking the box in the Northern Hemisphere winter (October to Feb) might want to find some daytime hours for the course, or to use a daylight lamp, such as the ones sold for SAD. 

This course is suitable for complete beginners to intermediate.