Drawing artist, author, illustration and arts business models. My training always tended towards the Fine Art because I liked doing my own thing. I was lucky enough to be interested in two technical disciplines throughout my education that proved to be useful for jobs. I spent 2 years of a BTEC life casting, which helped me to work in character design and prosthetic makeup in film and TV for quite a time. Then many years later I started printing, and have only just worked out what those two things have in common. I am currently trying to escape paper entrapment and returning to more 3d work as well as illustration. 

I work on my own independent projects, as an illustrator and writer.  I studied at Central Saint Martins, Wimbledon School of Art and did a traineeship with the London Print Studio. My masters degree is in drawing, I have a diploma in digital illustration and am a qualified educator. Currently a final major project supervisor on MA Illustration at Falmouth University. 

Research interests in economic sustainability because the creative industries are so important to society, from processing sizemic events, to providing a moral compass to finding ways to live outside of a basic animalistic level of survival, to inventing solutions to problems to surviving the human condition, to enhancing clinical treatment of what ails us. In order to do all of that, we need a healthy industry that people from all backgrounds can afford to enter and stay in. 

I am also currently trying to detoxify my print practice, having swapped to soy-based inks for many projects. Although this is still very much a work in progress. Much of the metal I use has been scavenged from industry, and my packaging is made from recycled test prints and other studio items. There is still a long way to go in the arts but this is my start. 

Check out Pudding Press Ltd if you want one of my books. Occasional delicacies can be found in my shop here. For news of exhibitions and other projects, as well as an open sketchbook please follow me on Instagram. Join the mailing list on this site if you want infrequent free stories from the blog. Send me an email if you would like any more information.

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